Stay safe. Remember the most important contribution everyone can make is to stay at home to help protect ourselves and others. Those who are well and not at risk can provide essential support for their family, friends and neighbours

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Positive Futures Project

Positive Futures works with people who are 50 and over to set up and support activity and learning groups in the Liberton Gilmerton area of Edinburgh. It also links people to existing groups in the area.

Current opportunities

To act as a volunteer facilitator for a weekly community based discussion group. Prepare topics each week for the group to explore such as news, current affairs (being mindful to avoid overtly controversial theme ie. football, religion, politics etc.) To sensitively encourage all members of the group to have the opportunity to join in with the discussion, ensuring that no one person dominates the talking To offer participants refreshments To attend Positive Futures training and supervision

To facilitate a weekly art group Ensure the use and storage of appropriate art equipment Offer positive, encouraging, non-judgmental advice To assist with providing refreshments for all participants in the group

To facilitate a weekly listening/discussing music group Ability to make use of appropriate digital music formats and equipment Encourage all participants to join in with the group Assist with preparing and clearing up after participants' refreshments

To facilitate a weekly art/drawing/painting group Ensure use/storage of appropriate art equipment Offer positive and encouraging advice to participants Assist with providing refreshments for the participants