Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre

Our aims are to establish a thriving, dynamic, community centre in the heart of Drylaw that:
Promotes the values and worth of all people, Encourages the active involvement of all residents and groups, Celebrates the cultural richness and diversity of the community, Creates opportunities for the development of individual potential and wellbeing, Fosters a cohesive and harmonious community.

Objectives and Principles of the Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre:
To provide an inviting, accessible and safe community facility as a focal point for all residents and groups to meet, To develop programmes, services and activities that the address the social, cultural, recreational, welfare and educational needs of the community, To establish networks with other groups, community leaders and key agencies to pool resources and take up issues of concern for the benefit of the community, To competently administer the centre to operate efficiently and ensure financial and ensure financial and community accountability, To establish a skilled team of volunteers to function as an essential support for the food growing areas on site, To provide information to residents about their rights, community services available, and referral assistance to the relevant agencies for individuals who need help, To attract resources to the centre through fund raising, applying for grants and seeking sponsorships, To promote strong membership of the Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre so that it is representative of the local community, its issues and its needs, and that it is viable in the long term as an organisation/ association.

Current opportunity

The aim of this project is to bring people together of all ages to grow and share the harvest from our community garden. Crops harvested from the garden will be used to create simple healthy meals or snacks. Tasks involved are basic gardening tasks (no prior knowledge needed), planting seeds, potting up, weeding, watering and harvesting of the crops. For the more experienced gardeners propagation and pruning techniques will be taught.