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Charity registered in Scotland SC001360

Working in partnership with families to give children a positive start to secure better life outcomes.

Current opportunities

Every family needs something different, but they all love someone to talk to who isn’t going to judge or criticise them. The children are under 5 so they just want to play, sing, hear stories and run about outside. By turning up once a week for 2 hours you can help to de-stress a family and help them to enjoy their kids, because you are there to take a little of the pressure off. By regular visiting you will help families connect with their communities, feel more confident and be more resilient.

Our volunteers visit families at home to help them to play, get out of the house, settle into a new area, enjoy family life and have fun. The families all have children under 5 and are experiencing some difficulty or stress. Volunteers make a real difference by offering them a listening ear and practical and emotional support. We need male and female volunteers for 2 hrs a week for about 6 months Our aim is to make families more confident and resilient. We’ll train you to be a good listener to the parent’s worries and to encourage them to give their children a positive start in life. Each family needs something different, most of them need another adult for a non-judgmental weekly chat; someone reliable that they can trust; someone with the energy to play and the patience to read with children; someone who can help everyone get out and connect with their community. Volunteers might also do things like baking with the kids; helping families to be more organised; helping parents feel more confident about playing with their children. We’ll support you all the way with regular meetings with a paid staff member. We’ll also match you carefully with the type of family that suits you to ensure that you can build a good supportive relationship. We’ve been going for over 30 years and won awards for our work. Our volunteers say they feel very well looked after and that they get really solid experience to use in careers like Social Work, Social Care and Psychology. Others just say it is fun and rewarding to be able to make such a difference to a family.