Food Train Renfrewshire

Food Train Renfrewshire

Charity registered in Scotland SC024843

Our aim is to support older people to live independently at home. Our preventative services address the difficulty older people face getting their weekly grocery shopping, doing jobs around the house and the growing isolation that comes with failing health. We also aim to provide a wide range of supported volunteering opportunities for people of all ages and ability and these include shopper, driver, delivery assistant and office assistant.

Current opportunities

Food Train Shopper will meet other volunteers and staff at designated supermarket from about 8.30am in the morning. The volunteers will choose a shopping list and go around the store making up the order for the customer, being mindful of use by dates, sizes and special orders. They will then store the box at a designated checkout until all shopping has been completed for the day. The shopper will then assist in the check out process, making sure boxes are packed carefully to avoid damaging goods.

The delivery helper assists the driver in loading the van and carrying the shopping into the customer’s house, but has a lead role with the customer interface. Helpers are responsible for collecting the cost of the shopping and the Food Train delivery charge from the customers. The driver and helper should stay together at all times in the customer’s house and drivers are expected to witness all cash handling carried out by the helper

This is a vital governance role within the Food Train Ltd Board of Directors. You will be responsble for overseeing the strategic develpment and fulfilment of Food Train Association and all relevant legislation. Directors have and must accept ultimate responsbility for directing the affairs of Food Train, ensuring it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the outcomes for which it has been set up. Directors should focus on the strategic direction of Food Train, and avoid becoming involved in day to day operational decisions and matters. Where Directors do need to become involved in operational matters, they should separate their strategic and operational roles. The Directors, as a Board, are responsbile and accountable for ensuring and monitoring that Food Train is performing well, is solvent, and complies with all its obligations.

Food Train Delivery Drivers will be expected to take responsibility for the daily checking and minor maintenance of the vehicle. They will need to complete a log sheet with mileages, check for damage, check air in tyres, fill with fuel and top up oil and water levels when required. They will also be in charge of loading the vehicle and should aim to follow a fuel efficient route at all times. The driver will also be expected to help carry shopping boxes into the customer’s house with the helper.

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