Govanhill Baths Community Trust

Charity registered in Scotland SC036162

Govanhill Baths Community Trust grew out of a long and hard-fought all volunteer community campaign. Today an invaluable and highly significant amount of the work of the Trust is performed and supported by volunteers. It is our goal to celebrate, provide support, training and encouragement to our volunteers.
The purpose of the Govanhill Baths Community Trust is to ensure that Govanhill Baths is re-opened as a publicly funded well-being centre. The centre would be used for the improvement in health and well-being of all the residents in Govanhill and the surrounding area. Today the Baths are a thriving centre taking in a theatre company (Govanhill Theatre Group) and a wide and continually growing range of groups and classes. These all contribute to the support and development of the community and the long term regeneration of the Baths themselves.

Current opportunity

Volunteering opportunity will teach volunteers to deal with costumers. Everyday tasks will include stock circulation that includes pricing, ironing stocking in the shelfs for storage. On the shop floor maintain cleanliness and tidiness. Window design changing every week, that will help to develop self esteem and develop artistic skills which is always needed in working in retail. Working with till ,organising books ,assist customers to the changing rooms, give costumers advise.