Equal Voice

Charity registered in Scotland SC038052

Equal Voice is a Citizen Advocacy project. We are a registered charity and we provide independent advocacy for Central Fife residents who have a learning disability, physical disability or a mental health difficulty which makes them unable to look after their own affairs. Our project offers assistance to adults aged 16 -65 years old who need support speaking up for themselves. Citizen Advocates develop a voluntary long-term partnership with a person who has a vulnerable adult who has difficulty being listened to or has difficulty speaking up for themselves.

Current opportunity

Equal Voice is looking for volunteers who might have an hour or so a week to give to change the life of a vulnerable person in Central Fife, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and Leven areas. Citizen Advocacy is when responsible local citizens get to know a vulnerable person, to help that person express their needs, wants and interests, perhaps with different services or social activities. Citizen Advocacy is based on a lasting friendship of respect and equality between two individuals and focuses on what the advocacy partner/vulnerable person wants. The vulnerable person will be aged over 16 and may have a learning or physical disability, mental health problems or a chronic illness. You will be matched with someone in your local area, and with whom you may share some interests. How much time you spend together offering support, or what activities you do will be agreed between you and the advocacy partner. It can be any day or time that suits you both - Equal Voice can help you negotiate this. Volunteers can offer support by telephone, messaging, or video chat as well as face to face if that is safe for both. Equal Voices Young Persons Project provides a service for people aged 16-25 to include Citizen Advocacy in schools and colleges. Young volunteers are recruited within the school or college to support other young people managing their choice of transition from school into either college or into their local community. For volunteers, you could be advocating on someone's behalf within a school or college setting, or for those leaving school, advocating on their behalf within their local community.