Jean Mackie Centre

Current opportunities

Jean Mackie Centre offers both overnight respite and day support to older people. People who attend look for the opportunity to become involved in meaningful, enjoyable activities which provide an opportunity to improve physical health and stimulation. The Centre is looking for two or three individuals who enjoy being with people, would enjoy the opportunity to become part of a gardening project, and could offer encouragement and support to those people attending the centre and who would enjoy and benefit from taking part in the project. Working alongside individuals who attend the centre, this is an opportunity to develop and maintain a low maintenance garden, including sitting areas, safe walking areas, development of "sensory garden", growing vegetables, seasonal themes, and any other ideas you may have as agreed with those individuals who are interested in taking this forward. This opportunity will continue throughout the year, including outdoors work (weather permitting), and/or planting/growing pots indoors. Individuals who attend Jean Mackie Centre are keen to have a gardening project in which they can involve themselves, so if you are someone who enjoys not only gardening, but also the company of others, assisting them to fulfill their creative needs, please get in touch.

Jean Mackie Centre offers both overnight respite and day support to older people. The community coffee shop is used by some of those people who attend the centre and by people who live in the local community who often meet there with family and friends. The coffee shop can offer a relaxed atmosphere where people can enjoy a light lunch and a little conversation. Your involvement will ensure that the coffee shop continues to be able to offer this welcoming facility. This opportunity is in supporting and maintaining this community coffee shop, serving delicious home-made soups and filled rolls during the lunchtime period. As well as supporting and running the daily function of the coffee shop alongside colleagues, you can expect to meet and chat with many new people, some who attend regularly and those who just pop in when they can. This is an opportunity which will continue throughout the year, and if you are someone who enjoys meeting people (and a little hard work), the Centre would look forward to meeting you.