Current opportunity

Apex Scotland are a part of a well-established partnership with both Fife Schools. Through this partnership approach they aim to improve the life chances of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, improve health and wellbeing (mental and physical) and reduce the need for exclusion. This initiative is funded to work alongside the school to equip pupils with the motivation and skills required to engage in a formal learning environment; reduce exclusion; raise aspiration; tackle ingrained behaviours; attitudes; improve family relationships and increase attainment and attendance, contributing to more young people entering positive destinations when they leave school. In each RE:SET unit there is at least one member of staff taking the lead in programme content/activities. In short, they help people to AIM higher, BEHAVE differently and CHANGE their future. They are looking for volunteers to support the work of their RE:SET workers. If you would like to know more about RE:SET there is lots of information on their website. Apex would like to hear what you feel your involvement could add to this service, i.e. do you have knowledge of certain areas you would be happy to share? What time could you commit? etc. Apex wants to hear from you.