Befriending Lewis

The Lewis Befriending Scheme provides a befriending and mentoring services for adults over the age of 18.

Current opportunities

Looking for volunteers who want to befriend someone who needs a little support and encouragement to get back into a healthy lifestyle. Gym Buddies will benefit from two befriender sessions before being matched with a Befriendee and full support as your Befriending volunteering progresses

The befriender will be matched up to the befriendee by having the same interests and hobbies. On average the pair will meet up once a week and undertake a range of activities depending on a preferred choice, (e.g. meeting for coffee, going for a walk). This opportunity will give the befriender a chance to do something worthwhile in the full knowledge that it is much appreciated.

it would involve being matched with someone that is suitable , spending an hour a week on the phone with the Befriendee. Full training will be given

To spend time making social contact with someone who may be struggling with loneliness or social isolation. Purpose of the role: Provide telephone support to alleviate loneliness and social isolation in order to build an ordinary, warm, reliable friendship. Responsibilities/Tasks ● To make appropriate telephone contact with the matched befriendee as agreed with the befriendee and coordinator ● Read and understand the information provided as part of the induction training ● Understand and adhere to the Befriending Lewis and Harris Telephone Service agreement ● Adhere to Befriending Lewis and Harris confidentiality policy ● Record and claim any out-of-pocket telephone expenses on a monthly basic ● To record information about the call on the timesheet provided ● Report any concerns or problems to the service coordinator immediately