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Current opportunities

VC Harrris office is now on the map with "Against Breast Cancer," organisation as being a drop off point for used, new or surplus bras. This will help research into secondary breast cancer and the bras will be sold cheaply to help support small African businesses. https://www.againstbreastcancer.org.uk/recycling/bra-recycling/

I would like to have the volunteers thinking about the environment we live in and trying to protect the Great Yellow Bumblebee while doing so. They would be learning all about the Bee and how essential all bees are for the worlds food consumption. When the project has completed for the year, i would like to be able to show the various volunteers/groups where their pots have gone and prove to them that volunteering alongside lots of different people can make a big impact on the environment. I hope this would encourage them to continue the planting and flowering in the coming years. I hope to bring a few volunteer groups together while doing this project. Lone parents, young adults, elderly island residents & incorporate family volunteering along with the local children in the schools both in the South and North Harris.

Knitting patterns available for groups to copy and use for knitting groups

Keen volunteer? Want to learn and develop through involvement in a board of trustees? We are looking for young people between 18 - 30 with an interest in volunteering and a desire to be involved in the work of the Volunteer Centre to join our board. We want to develop a stronger youth perspective and add to the range of skills and experience on our board. Ability to work with other board members and staff is essential, possibly in sub groups dealing with specific bits of governance work.