We all need to stay at home to protect ourselves and others. However, those who are well and not at risk can provide essential support for their family, friends and neighbours who cannot leave the house.

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East Lothian Council Countryside Section - Conservation Volunteers

Charity registered in Scotland SC020384

Provides opportunities for members of the public to complete practical conservation tasks in conjunction with East Lothians Countryside Ranger Service.

Current opportunities

Traprain Sheep Minders are needed to check up on the flock of sheep brought in for conservation grazing at Traprain Law, 5 miles east of Haddington. We need you to count all the sheep from a distance to make sure they are all present and check they appear in good health. Looking after sheep in this way is known as 'lookering' and those who do it 'lookers', so if you've ever thought of yourself as a bit of a looker, now's your chance to show it!

The Ranger service operates a series of practical conservation events. typically every 1-2 months often on a Sunday. Events range from hedge planting, to dune conservation, to the monitoring of certain plants and animals. Volunteers receive support and relevant training from Rangers. Certain projects can be undertaken by individuals in a time scale of their own choosing. e.g squirrel recording, whilst other activities are group based and tied to fixed dates. Come along, meet new people and gain new skills and experiences while you make a positive difference to your local environment and wildlife.