Volunteer Centre East Lothian

Charity registered in Scotland SC029045

We provide support, learning and development opportunities for people and organisations. We provide guidance, support and training to Third Sector organisations and community groups. We enable people to engage with their local community, develop and learn new skills through volunteering. We also facilitate Third Sector representation at a local level through our delegate system. Elected from with the Sector, delegates voice challenges and opinions on emerging issues, get involved in local decision making and champion the work of the Sector.

Current opportunities

To help facilitate a smooth process of arrival at the centre by providing guidance and reassurance for those arriving. Directing attendees to waiting areas, toilet facilities etc. This may also be an opportunity to have a friendly chat whilst individuals are queuing. The aim is to meet those attending in a welcoming manner and to help make to experience as friendly as possible. Using Volunteers at this point of entry will augment the clinical staff allow them to focus their efforts on administering vaccines/ treating patients. Responsibilities: - Greet attendees, give updates on scheduling (if required) - Ensuring hand sanitising and mask-wearing (were appropriate) for those arriving - Directing arrivals to waiting area - Provision of information and leaflets - Engage with attendees - ‘Language Volunteers’ where applicable, to support those from specific geographies or communities

We work alongside the East Lothian Community Rehabilitations Team of Physio’s & Occupational Therapist who help to identify patients whom they feel would benefit from extra volunteer support to help them live their life in a better way, assisting to reduce loneliness and social isolation. There are many things that you can get involved in, here are a few examples: • Supporting the individuals on a health walk to gain strength. • To go shopping or do some shopping for them. • Picking up prescriptions. • Wellbeing calls. • Company for a coffee & a chat. • Assist use of technology to contact their friends, family & online shopping. • Accompany them on a bus trip to an appointment. • Assisting to read letters.

Community Taskforce support will be delivered to people throughout East Lothian. Tasks will be delivered to people who are unable to leave their own home and may include; - Providing support with collection and delivery of small amounts of groceries. - Help with collection of prescriptions from a pharmacy. - Assisting with minor errands as necessary or collection/ delivery of goods. - Tidying gardens, putting out bins or recycling. - Walking dogs. - Help to manage anxieties caused by a reduction in visitors. - Wellbeing phonecalls. Please follow this link to apply; https://www.volunteereastlothian.org.uk/community-taskforce-volunteer-form