Penicuik Community Development Trust Ltd

Charity registered in Scotland SC037990

Penicuik Community Development Trust brings together local people to invest their time, talents and energy to make Penicuik a better place for families to grow up in, community activities to flourish, businesses to thrive, and others to find Penicuik an attractive place to visit.
The aims are to promote the benefit of the people of Penicuik and its environs (being defined as all those who live within the town and its environs as well as any others who participate as active members of organisations based in Penicuik), without distinction of sex, sexuality, political, religious or other opinions, by actions:
to advance community development; to advance education; to advance the arts, heritage, culture and science;
to provide facilities, or assist in the provision of facilities, for recreation and other leisure time activities in the interests of social welfare so that the conditions of life may be improved

Current opportunities

“The group management team members are volunteers who each have equal say in setting priorities, selection the films to be shown each year and resolving issues. Usually, but not necessarily, the also volunteer in other Cinema role(s). Attending around 4 evening Cinema Group Meetings per year and helping deliver action points outside of this time.”

“Volunteers who, as part of a small team, identify relevant grant awarding bodies and submit effective applications for money to fund the Trust's projects. They will consult with relevant volunteers from the Trust groups (Pen-y-Coe Press, Paper Making Museum, Open House, Cinema and Lost Garden). They will either become a member of the PCDT Management Committee and thereby become a Director of the Trust, or they may attend in an advisory capacity. Desirable experience: Fundraising, particularly experience of making applications to grant awarding bodies. Microsoft Word and Excel. Desirable qualities: Attention to detail. Enjoy working collaboratively. Reporting to around 10 evening Committee Meetings per year plus periods of concentrated activity over several days preparing grant submissions within deadlines.”

“Our volunteer projectionists help set up the Sunday evening cinema in the Town Hall and collect tickets. If required, they introduce the film. They play the DVD, with subtitles when available, and with a pause at an appropriate moment for an intermission for refreshments to be served. Sunday evenings except during summer holidays.”