Penicuik Community Development Trust Ltd

Charity registered in Scotland SC037990

Penicuik Community Development Trust brings together local people to invest their time, talents and energy to make Penicuik a better place for families to grow up in, community activities to flourish, businesses to thrive, and others to find Penicuik an attractive place to visit.
The aims are to promote the benefit of the people of Penicuik and its environs (being defined as all those who live within the town and its environs as well as any others who participate as active members of organisations based in Penicuik), without distinction of sex, sexuality, political, religious or other opinions, by actions:
to advance community development; to advance education; to advance the arts, heritage, culture and science;
to provide facilities, or assist in the provision of facilities, for recreation and other leisure time activities in the interests of social welfare so that the conditions of life may be improved

Current opportunities

The role is flexible. We are building a team to run our brand-new community Library of Things. Things like tools and even apple pressing equipment, for people to share instead of buy. The team will be busy with all the following tasks: pickup and drop off sessions at the Pen-y-Coe Press; administration and IT; communicating with our community, maintain our “things”; helping teach others how to use our “things” safely. Whatever you can offer, we’d love to welcome you. The sessions for picking-up and dropping-off things at the Pen-y-Coe Press will be at publicised times, initially Saturday 10-11am, Tuesday 10am to 1 pm, and Wednesday 2-4 pm. Other tasks, such as maintaining the “things”, can be done at any time.

We are looking for a volunteer accountant to implement a new system for a local charity. The charity has outgrown its homemade financial spreadsheet and needs the temporary help of someone with the knowledge and expertise to manage a transition to a suitable accounting package. The implementation must ensure the necessary data is transferred, and the transition from the current spreadsheet-based processes is completed to the satisfaction of our Independent Examiner. The key features required from the package include management of separate restricted funds for each grant. Also, we have the challenge of tracking internally how much of the overall money “belongs” to each of our different teams, such as the cinema, the museum, the library of things. We are all volunteers and, as none of us are accountants, we are uncertain what is involved or how long the project will take. However, our hope is that it can be completed before the start of our next financial year on 01 April 2024. This volunteer role can be working from home or Pen-y-Coe Press, Penicuik EH26 8L

The Pen-y-Coe Press is a vintage style shop that sells stationery, art materials and print services. It is run by volunteers and helps raise funds for the charity. This volunteer role can be working from home or Pen-y-Coe Press, Penicuik EH26 8L The Treasurer has to ensure proper records are kept of all income and expenditure. Today, these records are maintained in an excel spreadsheet. However, we hope a new Treasurer could bring knowledge and experience to implement a standard accounting package. Tasks include bank account reconciliation; managing and paying suppliers, usually by internet banking; and ensuring cash is banked. Also, the provision of monthly and annual financial reports. In addition, you will be part of the Pen-y-Coe Press leadership team and support the other Pen-y-Coe Press volunteers to operate with strong financial policies and procedures. It is planned to make the Pen-y-Coe Press shop a trading subsidiary of the charity, with its own board, in which case you would become a board member.