Play Midlothian

Charity registered in Scotland SC025474

Play Midlothian wants a world in which every child can exercise their right to play and access quality play opportunities, within their community, that meets their play needs and support the child to flourish. Play Midlothian’s mission is to strongly influence, support and promote play and the child’s right to play in Midlothian – and when relevant beyond. Play Midlothian works towards its mission through building the capacity of play providers, improving quality of play opportunities, advocating for play, increasing understanding of play and providing services for children were gaps in provision exist.

Current opportunities

As an assistant playworker at playscheme, you’ll be working with experienced Playworkers to deliver free play playschemes during Easter and summer holidays. Sessions last 2 hours for children aged 5-12, and staff have half an hour at the end and at the beginning for setting up and clearing away. This role requires membership of the PVG Scheme. This can take up to three weeks to process. Play Midlothian’s playschemes run in Woodburn, Mayfield and Gorebridge, and volunteers are usually placed at one location, though volunteers who wish to attend more than one location are welcome to do so. You’ll work with other playworkers to set up the play environment at sessions. This can mean arranging resources in an interesting way, or just putting different things out next to each other. During sessions, all playworkers are tasked with facilitating play. This might mean supporting participants to negotiate over resources, helping children manage risk, being involved in play when you’re invited, or simply helping children get involved. After the session you’ll help clear up, and contribute to completing a session evaluation. Full free play training is provided, so no prior knowledge of play is necessary. Induction training also includes explanations of all policies and procedures relevant to the role.

All trustees collectively have responsibility for Play Midlothian, with day to day management delegated to staff. The legal responsibilities for each trustee, under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act (2005), are to: · Act in the interest of the charity: Trustees should put the interests of their charity before their own interests or those of any other person or organisation. · Operate in a manner consistent with the charity’s purposes · Act with due care and diligence · Ensure that the charity complies with the provisions of the 2005 Act and other relevant legislation. Play Midlothian has identified the key responsibilities of its trustees as: · To contribute to setting the vision and overall strategic direction for the organisation · To ensure good financial planning, agreeing the income generation strategy and budgets · To ensure that income and expenditure levels are regularly compared to agreed budgets and that variances are identified and explained · To manage, safeguard and protect the assets and resources of Play Midlothian and ensure that they are used only for the purposes set out in Play Midlothian’s governing document · To oversee the development and delivery of Play Midlothian’s business plan, including monitoring and reviewing progress against agreed activities and outcomes · To promote a culture of evaluation and learning within Play Midlothian and with its stakeholders · To manage and safeguard the reputation of Play Midlothian and oversee the strategy for external and stakeholder relations · To ensure that Play Midlothian adheres to its own values, particularly in relation to service users, volunteers, staff and other stakeholders · To ensure a commitment to equalities throughout the policy and practice of Play Midlothian