Health In Mind (Midlothian)

Charity registered in Scotland SC041281

Everyone has the right to live a full and satisfying life. We can provide the tools, information and support to help you to cope with life's challenges and live the life you want to live.

Current opportunities

Each volunteer supports a re:discover client to recover a sense of who they are by encouraging them to step outside their illness and discover / rediscover activities and interests they enjoy. Volunteers work with clients as a whole person focusing on their talents, skills and assets rather than problems or needs. Volunteers encourage clients to set goals which they will work towards during their time with re:discover. They also act as a 'community bridge builder' supporting clients to step outside their comfort zones whilst providing support and encouragement. Volunteers work with clients for a minimum of 6 months which is the minimum commitment that we are looking for from volunteers. We are particularly looking for male volunteers in the 20-40 year old age category. Volunteers and clients agree together when and where they will meet (not in their own homes) - usually once a week for a few hours. Activities are usually based on shared interests and have included: meeting for coffee; cinema; theatre; art galleries museums; zumba, martial arts; gym; walks; garden centres; hill walking; pilates . . . We cover volunteer out of pocket expenses. We have regular training courses for volunteers, so get in touch to find out more. We welcome volunteers who are available to volunteer during the day, the weekend or in the evenings.

We are looking for a compassionate, patient and friendly person to support our members to attend a weekly computer group at Edinburgh College, Dalkeith Campus. Orchard Centre Services provides support to people living in Midlothian who experience mental health difficulties. Volunteering would include driving members who struggle to attend a group independent from the Orchard Centre. Volunteer would work along college tutor and offer support to member of the group

Orchard Centre Services delivers group work & mental health services throughout Midlothian. We are keen to recruit a volunteer who could support with delivering and updating our promotional material in public spaces in Midlothian. Volunteer must be able to self-travel on public transport.

Orchard Centre Services provides support to people living in Midlothian who experience mental health difficulties. We would like to recruit volunteers who could be part of our cafe team on a weekly basis. No cooking skills required. We are keen to recruit volunteers who would like to serve tea, coffee and snacks in our cafe.