Health In Mind (Midlothian)

Charity registered in Scotland SC041281

Everyone has the right to live a full and satisfying life. We can provide the tools, information and support to help you to cope with life's challenges and live the life you want to live.

Current opportunities

Become one of our professional and trusted committed volunteers and deliver a unique mix of services and opportunities to promote mental health and wellbeing. Equal Access provides support and information for men and women from minority ethnic communities who are experiencing feelings of stress, isolation, depression, anxiety or unhappiness and are able to access information about the services available. As we adopt the current social distancing measures put in place by the Government as a result of Covid-19 our Equal Access Team are working hard to ensure that support is still available to those who need it. Instead of offering support face to face, all matches will now be offered via telephone or video call and we are looking for volunteers to help us deliver this. If you speak another language, enjoy working with people and would be able to pick up the phone or make a video call we’d love to hear from you.

Peer Connecting Midlothian is constantly recruiting new volunteers. Volunteers are needed for the roles of befrienders, peer support volunteers and peer support groups facilitators. In their roles volunteers support people on their recovery journey to improve or manage their mental health and wellbeing or reduce isolation. We are looking for volunteers to support people as befrienders and or peer support. Volunteers choose to become a peer support or befriender for a variety of reasons, for example, because of their own experiences of mental health difficulties, or to gain experience to change career. Midlothian Peer Connecting Service offers one-to-one and group support for people over 18 living in Midlothian who are looking to improve or manage their mental health and wellbeing. We aim to support people on their recovery journey through: · Building on self-confidence and self esteem · Increasing social skills · Increasing community connections · Increasing feelings of hope, belief and trust What do volunteers do? Common aspects within most matches and groups: · Volunteers support the person to recover a sense of who they are and discover / rediscover their potential, strengths, qualities, interests. · Volunteers work with the person as a whole person, focussing on their talents, skills, and assets rather than focussing on their problems and needs. · Volunteers encourage the person they are matched with to set goals which you will work towards during the time you are matched together. · Volunteers encourage the person they are matched with to step outside their comfort zones, whilst providing support and encouragement · Volunteers support groups participants in sharing their experiences, supporting each other, and learning new coping strategies from each other. Values Peer Connecting Midlothian volunteers hold: · A belief that people can and do recover from mental health difficulties · Positive outlook · Empathy · Understanding · Good listener · Respecting others as being of equal worth · Appreciation of differences · Reliability · Open to learning