Lifelong Learning D&GC

Achievement through learning for adults, young people and building community capacity. LLL is a way of working with and supporting communities and individuals. It aims to increase the skills, confidence, networks and resources needed for learning, life and work and improving local communities, they need to tackle problems and grasp opportunities through community action and community based learning.

Current opportunities

Adult Literacy and Numeracy support. We deliver lots of different projects throughout the area (volunteers need to contact us to see what is on offer at that time), and the adults that we are working with quite often require help with reading and writing skills. The support is usually done in a learner centred approach e.g. if they were applying for a job we would help them with this or if they were applying to go to College or they maybe want to help their children with their maths homework. It can vary from project to project and week to week.

Wider Achievement is delivered in primary schools, a one hour workshop with children and should be something that they don’t learn in school. 4wk blocks term time. Dates can be provided. Some examples are : if the adult has a particular skills that they think children would like to learn e.g decoupage/baking/architectural drawings/an unusual sport/computer skill etc.