Friends of the Earth - Tayside

Charity registered in Scotland SC003442

Environmental justice - a decent environment for all; no more than a fair share of the earth's resources.

The advancement of education, health, civic responsibility and community development. The advancement of environmental protection and improvement.

Current opportunity

There are many and varied possibilities for projects which FoET doesn't have enough people to do, ranging from hands-on practical work to research or lobbying. Planting trees is one, dealing with litter is another. How can we encourage people to take home and bin their greasy, sooty instant barbecue trays? Or - it would be good to find out how 'green' local businesses are and encourage improvement where appropriate. Or - provision for cyclists in Dundee is poor; what can be done to improve it? A traffic count might be a good start. The volunteer would have to be prepared to work quite a lot on their own intitiative, but a group member would provide support and guidance in planning and carrying out the project. This is a chance for you to do something you haven't done before and be dead chuffed with the result.