University of Dundee (Clinical Skills)

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The University of Dundee's Simulated Patient (SP) Programme began in 1997. Simulated patients continue to be an essential part of the development and training of healthcare professionals. Simulated patients provide safe, "real life" training opportunities where students can gain confidence and rehearse their examination and interview skills as well as developing a caring attitude towards their patients.

Current opportunity

Would you like to help train the next generation of healthcare professionals or are you thinking about a career in a healthcare setting? Why not volunteer as a simulated patient in the Clinical Skills Centre at Ninewells Hospital? The simulated patient programme involves members of the public who volunteer to allow healthcare students to learn and practice consultation and examination skills in a safe and controlled learning environment at the University of Dundee Clinical Skills Centre. Training on the role of a simulated patient is given prior to being introduced to the sessions. If you would like more information about this important aspect of healthcare student teaching, please contact: Email: or visit our website Patient bank Programme where you can complete the Volunteer Recruitment Form.