Dundee Carers Centre

To provide information and support services to disabled people and carers. To ensure disabled people and carers understand and exercise their rights to services and support and act in an advocacy role if required. To work with others to identify gaps in services and develop and manage services to fill those gaps.

Current opportunities

Carer Ambassadors have a valuable role in helping to promote the work of Dundee Carers Centre and raise awareness of carers' issues at a local level. They will be the visible ‘face’ of the organisation in the community centres, GP surgeries, etc. A Carer Ambassador will represent the needs of carers and reach out to hidden carers, those who have not been identified by professionals or just don’t recognise themselves as carers. This could be through creating information stands while sharing knowledge and skills with other people.

Dundee Carers Centre BME Service supports disabled people and carers from Black and Minority Ethnic communities. We are looking to recruit female volunteers who have multi-lingual skills to help out with various activities. In particular, we would be keen to recruit volunteers who can communicate in Cantonese, Urdu and Punjabi. BME volunteers will take part in a range of different activities that the Centre runs. These may include: awareness raising about the Project, helping at regular group events and outings, and providing information and other support, e.g., advocacy work, filling out forms, contact with other organisations, etc.

Duties will include to actively engage with organisations in the local areas that provide services to disabled people and carers; develop a database of support available, especially sources to ease financial hardship for signposting purposes; support people to access services, including attending appointments with them; arrange and attend awareness raising stalls and provide information and referral pathways to the service; show commitment and enthusiasm when engaging within the community and to represent the Centre in a positive manner; raise awareness of those with disabilities and long term conditions and their supporters; the financial challenges and difficulties they may face, sources of support available to them and how welfare rights and wider services could enable them to access these.

Peer mentors have a valuable role in working with carers to support them to be able to fully participate and engage in social and community life, for many carers this can be challenging to achieve due to a variety of factors. Peer mentoring asks for a commitment of 1 year to ensure a positive relationship is built. The nature of this role is 1-2-1 support to achieve pre-determined goals that the person has. This will be done through planned fun and worthwhile activities that have been agreed upon by the person, their family (if a young person), the peer support line manager and you, our peer mentor. We would like all volunteers for this role to be aged 18+.