DightyConnect enables volunteers to plan, design and implement human-scale projects linked to environmental and cultural aspects of the Dighty Burn. We believe local people have considerable knowledge about their environment and often have excellent ideas about what could enhance the Dighty Burn. We start with your passions, interests and ideas to enable you to deliver excellent quality projects within your local community.

Current opportunities

We are looking for someone who likes to listen to other people's stories and is interested in collecting stories about the Dighty Burn from people who have stories to tell. We will hope that the individual(s) will begin by collecting stories from their own contacts and then visit community centres, meet with walking groups etc to record otheres reflections and stories about the Burn. We hope that we will be able to collect stories from people of all ages and experiences of the Burn and even collect work inspired by the Burn. We will provide full training in the use of the simple to use high quality digital audio recording equipment and guidance in how to approach people and gather their stories. We are also keen that the individual(s) will help to develop ideas for the wider distribution of these stories.

Take part in Citizen Science with our other volunteers (or feel free to do so alone). We record wildlife along the Dighty Burn (and its tributaries) and include it in a national database (the NBN Atlas). We regularly carry out river invertebrate surveys to check for water quality; survey butterflies in the summer; take part in moth surveys; organise training days (including dragonfly and damselfly identification); help with dipper ringing and other bird surveys; carry out bat surveys and a multitude of other activities. We welcome anyone from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. All we ask is that you have a genuine desire to be outdoors, a keenness in wildlife and an interest in the Dighty Burn.

Help support our Tuesday volunteers from 9am-12pm on Tuesday mornings. This would involve helping out with tools and tasks down at the burn. Tasks are wide ranging and involve everything from litter picking, tree planting, wildflower sowing, pond maintenance and large scale burn clear ups. Some knowledge of conservation tasks would be useful but we are most interested in someone who will enthuse the group and have fun whilst carrying out the tasks. Minibus driving ability (D1 on licence) would be brilliant but is definitely not essential. Please take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages to understand a bit more about our project. We are volunteer-led and always working to improve the burn for the community and wildlife.

Dighty Connect are seeking more conservation volunteers to work along the Dighty Burn with our conservation group. The conservation volunteers make a significant difference to the area, from building wildlife habitats to clearing the burn of litter. They help protect, improve and share important habitat and wildlife along the burn. Current conservation workers say it has helped them reconnect with nature, feel part of a group, make a difference to the local environment and feel better about themselves. They report a high feel-good factor because they are using their hands and their mind, doing things for themselves and following their passions. We welcome everyone, all we ask is that you have a genuine desire to be outdoors, a keenness in wildlife and an interest in the Dighty Burn.