Discovery Credit Union Ltd

The aim of the Credit Union is to enable members to achieve a better standard of living through their participation in the Credit Union Movement; encourage thrift through regular savings; act as a source of credit for the benefit of its members; educate its members in the wide use of money. The Credit Union philosophy & operational methods promote the welfare of its members and wider community.

Current opportunities

The Board is responsible for the success of the credit union, agreeing matters of policy & business strategy, ensuring compliance with legislation and holding the management to account. Board members attend monthly Board meetings and other sub-group meetings as necessary, and keep up to date with the business and policies of the credit union, as well as relevant legislation. Specific vacancies: (i) assisting the Board and management with legal matters, particularly legislation interpretation and review of service level contracts, a qualification and/or practical working knowledge of contract law would be an asset; (ii) an HR role involving liaison with management on staffing matters, reviewing staff contracts and advising on performance management and changes in legislation, understanding and experience of relevant Human Resources legislation and practice would be a considerable asset; (iii) individuals with experience of management in the 'high street' aspects of banking are sought.

Your role as volunteer will be to improve community life within the DD1 – DD7 area, including our main counter at the Wellgate Centre. By going out into the communities in Dundee you can help people to access the credit union services in their own area giving them access to affordable credit. Tasks will include: Handling Member Enquiries, Cash Handling, General Administration, Processing New Member Applications, Filing and Photocopying.

The Supervisory Committee reports directly to the members, rather as an audit committee, and ensures that the credit union operates within the law, its own policies and rules, and in the best interests of members. Supervisory Committee members meet regularly, and each one attends Board meetings in rotation to observe the conduct of business. The overall role is to monitor the operation of the credit union, by internal audit, sampling of member accounts, verifying the credit union accounts and related activities. Supervisory Committee members need to become familiar with the business and policies of the credit union, as well as relevant legislation. The positions require a combination of relevant professional skills and experience, common sense, dedication, integrity and wisdom and a commitment to serving the local community and sympathy with the aims of the credit union.