Maxwell Information Centre

Charity registered in Scotland SC028820

We are committed to improving the quality of life for the local community and to combatting social exclusion, poverty, disadvantage, and discrimination. The centre provides a welcoming and supportive environment in which individuals can learn valuable skills and access essential information. We work with community members to ensure that they are actively involved in the development and provision of services to meet their changing needs.

Current opportunities

The aim of MAXcrafts is to benefit the local community and support the continued running of the MAXwell Centre through the production and sale of craft items. These items will be made by volunteers and craft group participants at the centre from materials that will be upcycled, recycled, donated, or come from the centre’s garden. Do you have a passion for arts and crafts? We are looking for volunteers who are able to run monthly workshops and support weekly groups in a range of crafts. The group will consist of a variety of ages of people with various health needs and different levels of creative ability. MAXcrafts is a developing social enterprise within The MAXwell Centre, a community centre in the heart of Coldside. The MAXwell Centre provides a wide range of information services and support, groups and classes, as well as a community garden.

The Board provides governance to the organisation but the Maxwell Centre is small enough to appreciate Board members being actively involved in the delivery of services or the development of social enterprise if they wish. We have a clear vision of where we would like the Maxwell Centre to develop as a ‘Community Space’, led by the community, responsive to their needs and working with them to improve health, wellbeing and education. As part of this vision we have already identified two social enterprise opportunities. We would ideally like people with specific skills from key areas of health, education or business to join us on the Board but we also need people who have the capacity to be involved further with the community. The Board meets monthly in the evening. In addition members can become involved further in specific projects and provide valuable assistance to the manager.