Peoples Trust for Endangered Species

PTES looks to the future with the hope of preserving wildlife for the future generations to enjoy. We fund scientific research in the UK and abroad, purchase threatened land, commision surveys and reports and hold symposia and conferences.

Current opportunity

Our planet is changing. The climate and biodiversity are in crisis. We can turn the tide, but to do so, we need to keep an eye on wildlife and the natural habitats that support them. We’re looking for volunteers to join a citizen science project recording wild mammals in the green spaces of our towns and cities. Whether a grey squirrel or fox, or red fox, bats or deer, every sighting is important and goes to build a bigger picture of how wildlife is faring. The online Living with Mammals survey has information to recognise the species on our doorsteps and is part of an active conservation effort. Other surveys too require your help, whether you live in the heart of the city or more rural areas. Living with Mammals takes place throughout the year and more details can be found at