Peoples Trust for Endangered Species

PTES looks to the future with the hope of preserving wildlife for the future generations to enjoy. We fund scientific research in the UK and abroad, purchase threatened land, commision surveys and reports and hold symposia and conferences.

Current opportunity

Take part in one of our PTES surveys and help to monitor the mammal population in the UK. As cities and towns spread deeper into the countryside, we need to make sure that these environments are also able to support our wildlife. In 2003, we launched an annual survey to find out as much as possible about how mammals are faring in the built environment around us so that we can plan for their future conservation. Since 2001 we have also been asking volunteers to record mammals that they see on single-carriageways, dead and alive, and with their help we are beginning to build up a picture of mammal populations in the wider landscape. By repeating the survey over a number of years we can monitor the changes in population numbers across the whole of the UK. We also log sightings of hedgehogs through Hogwatch.