Under 12s Project

Charity registered in Scotland SC029724

i) To promote the care and education of children in need of care during out of school hours and school holidays in the Mid Craigie and Linlathen areas of Dundee and in any surrounding areas where there is a similar need.

ii) To promote the provision of facilities for the recreation and other leisure time occupations of children and their families in the above area, in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving their condiditon of life.

iii) To relieve poverty, need and distress of the inhabitants of Dundee by providing training and development to individuals to enable them to overcome disadvantage

Current opportunities

The project offers volunteers the chance to work with children and families living in the Mid-Craigie and Linlathen areas of Dundee. Volunteers are encouraged to play an active role in the project and participate fully in the planning, organisation and implementation of the groups. Opportunities include working within the project's out of school care setting and gaining practical experience of childcare, developing play opportunities and participating in after school activities. Volunteers also have the opportunity to become involved in the community development side of the project ie. project organisation and management. Access to training is provided to all volunteers and travel expenses reimbursed.

We are looking for more people with the skills and experience to become members of the Board of Trustees and contribute to the overall strategic leadership of Under 12s project. We would also be interested in talking to people with leadership, management and financial management experience who might be interested in becoming a future Office bearer such as chairperson.