Advocating Together (Dundee) SCIO

Charity registered in Scotland SC026064

We run self-advocacy groups for adults with learning disabilities and / or autistic spectrum disorder with the aim of improving their confidence and communication skills, developing the awareness of their rights and responsibilites, enabling them to take more control over their own lives and to comment more effectively on services provided.

Current opportunities

Attend monthly team meetings, help at regular focus groups of adults with LD and/or ASD, provide content for newsletter and distribute, support Advocators to deliver presentations, attend meetings to ensure adulst with LD and/or ASD views are being taken into account, ensure future plans reflect groups' needs, raise awareness of issues that affect adults with LD and/or ASD and create and sustain a safe environment which will encourage adults with LD and/or ASD to discuss issues affecting their lives.

Self-advocacy Assistants will support a group of self-advocates with learning disabilities and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The group work revolves around the needs of the self-advocates and the topics that are most important to them. Issues and topics may be tackled creatively in a variety of ways depending on the group and the unique skills each volunteer brings. Through discussion and activities self-advocates develop confidence, communication skills and awareness. Self-advocacy assistants and self-advocates contribute equally to discussions; learning to respect each other’s opinions. The groups also take part in social events out in the community, such as dinners or discos. Fun is at the centre of all the work we do at Advocating Together. Volunteers will have the opportunity to attend peer supervision and training sessions throughout the year to discuss progress or problems, and expand their knowledge and skills.