Hearing Voices Network Dundee (SCIO)

Charity registered in Scotland SC047597

To gather information about voices in order to help understand more about what the experience means. To develop ways to help people cope successfully with their voices, awareness raising in society. To bring voice hearers together to share experiences and ways of coping with their voices in a safe environment.

Current opportunity

Hearing Voices Network Dundee is dedicated to supporting people who hear voices. We offer self-help groups where people can talk openly about their voices with each other in a safe and understanding environment. This gives them an opportunity to share strategies for coping with their voices. We also offer a variety of therapeutic activities and a befriending project to support our members and volunteers. We are looking for a committed volunteer to be part of our befriending service. The volunteer should be kind, compassionate and have a genuine interest in spending time with Voice Hearers, to help them engage positively in their communities. Full duties and time commitment will be discussed and agreed at the initial meeting.