Dundee Volunteer & Voluntary Action

Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action (DVVA) vision is a socially just, healthy and sustainable Dundee that is culturally diverse where people's voices are heard and power and decision-making is equally shared.

As of 1 October 2019, Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action (DVVA) has brought together Dundee Voluntary Action and Volunteer Dundee into one organisation, combining our expertise in the following areas:

• Healthcare and Wellbeing – working together to provide a better, more integrated adult health and social care service;
• Community Planning and Representation – providing strong and cohesive representation of the third sector with clear links to Community Planning Partnerships;
• Organisational Support and Development – providing a single point of access for support and advice for the third sector in the local area;
• Volunteering – working with individuals, communities and organisations to involve, inspire and engage people in volunteering and make Dundee a better place.

DVVA together with Dundee Social Enterprise Network forms Dundee’s Third Sector Interface.

DVVA in partnership with Dundee City Council is working to support vulnerable people in the community during the current COVID-19 crisis through Community Support Centres across Dundee. As part of this partnership, DVVA is recruiting community response volunteers.

Current opportunities

A Youth Ambassador will be involved in promoting Saltire Awards, inspiring other young people to volunteer, make decisions for the annual summit awards and organising the annual Youth Volunteering Awards. An ambassador will attend monthly meeting and has the opportunity to be involved in fundraising events for the annual awards evening. Being an ambassador will also involve the individual engaging and inspiring their peers to uptake volunteering opportunities in Dundee. The role fits in well with those who currently volunteer at other organisations and can be used as a tool to promote a variety of youth volunteering opportunities across the city.

In the last year, lockdown and restrictions on people meeting, general fears and uncertainties have meant that people have stayed at home, with the knock-on effect that their strength and balance has decreased and coupled with an icy winter means there has been a marked increase in falls. We wish to establish a more cohesive approach to helping people prevent falls and recover from a fall, whether that be in encouraging balance and strength actions, advice leaflets or signposting to services that work within this field. Previous activities within this area of work had to be halted because of lockdown and social distancing restrictions. In order to tackle this in our current environment, we are seeking willing volunteers to get involved, share experiences with peers, plan and support the steps needed to take things forward. There are a variety of roles listed below for Falls Prevention Ambassadors including a steering group which will be instrumental in gathering info and sharing with all concerned. Falls Prevention Ambassadors - roles available: 1. Steering group As a steering group volunteer you will be involved in shaping the way this programme moves forward. Bringing your skills and knowledge of falls either through your work or personal experience. Your motivation to look broadly at what the current provision is and to work together to share ideas and actions that help others prevent and recover from falls. An ability to work alongside other members of the steering group to progress, and create good communication channels with those within other roles to help with direction and support. 2. Story sharing If you have experienced a fall, or have looked after someone in that situation, through your work or in your personal life. This is a powerful story to share with others, whether it is a proactive road to recovery, or what you missed, a service that was invaluable or any advice you can share to someone who may find themselves in the same situation. Your story can help others understand what they should do. Story sharing may be done in a variety of ways, written, filmed, or in a conversation over the phone. In the future, when restrictions are lifted, it may be to engage with groups such as movement classes instructors, or community groups meeting socially. 3. Supporter and signposter Similar to the story sharing you can help motivate people by giving them up to date information of the resources available, whether that be local balance classes, resource packs with printed information or a video link to someone speaking of their experience. This would be done initially over the phone. 4. Resource Hunters We know that there are resources out there, not only in the form of printed packs and DVD’s but also within services. Gathering information to feedback to the steering group allows a much clearer picture and often strengthens the ability to provide information on a range of services. From what we know within Dundee there is some excellent resources online and partnership working, therefore it is not starting from scratch, however it is about piecing together what is already there, and how easy is it to access. We anticipate that you may want to have a couple of roles which is welcomed.

During lockdown DVVA was involved in a project called Connecting Scotland which meant we supplied many older people in Dundee with iPads and Chromebooks, WiFi and training. Some learners already had their own devices but needed the training. The training/guidance was delivered by volunteer Digital Champions. Now we are looking for volunteers who are proficient and confident in working with older learners helping to complete basic tasks using their digital devices. These learners will already had input from their Digital Champion (DC) however their DC might have moved on, and there are still some areas that would really help them connect with others and engage safely with their communities. These are examples of what is likely to be required: How to set up Zoom How to set up Skype How to do an online shop How to stay safe using the internet How to use WhatsApp How to do a search for local services What is an Apple ID and why do I need one? If you are digitally literate, familiar with technology and most-used Apps and can explain instructions in a supportive and friendly way, this may be something that you can help with. You will need patience, be resourceful and appreciate that for some learners this is very unfamiliar territory. You should be confident that if there is a task you are not experienced with that you can happily look up information, though this role is very much for the basics of using a digital device. All lessons will be carried out over the phone with your assigned learners. No calls should be longer than 1 hour in duration.

Gathering stories for 2 projects : Falls Prevention and Dundee Year of the Older Person. Both projects need to hear of first hand experience of people and their journeys. Within Falls the stories are about the background to the fall and what happened after, how was their experience and what did they learn. For DYOP it is about gathering and collating stories to help impact on reducing stereotypes and to also collate conversations with older people for the ‘See Me Hear My Voice’ strand of work. Stories can be recorded and transcribed, There will be robust guidance on the process and support. Main tasks: Calling the older people to arrange the interview time Recording the interview (or writing it down if they don't want recorded) Transcribing the recording onto a template document Collating the stories and editing as appropriate Liaising with DVVA staff and other volunteers involved Training: Training can be provided from a mentor in how to record and gather stories. The volunteer will be supported by the respective team lead. You will not be cold calling as these people have offered to share their stories. For more information, contact Jud Clark (Falls Prevention) 07530 231588, E- judithclark@dvva.scot or Nicola Mitchell (DYOP) 01382 305745 E- nicolamitchell@dvva.scot