Beloved Rabbits

Charity registered in Scotland SC049128

Beloved Rabbits is a registered Scottish Charity devoted to rabbit welfare, providing various services including rescue, rehoming, bonding & care advice. Using Foster Families to care for our rabbits, we also present rabbit welfare demonstrations and classes to schools, and have fundraising and awareness events at many local galas and community events, pet stores and shopping centres.

Current opportunities

Beloved Rabbits, a Scottish Rabbit Rescue charity, is seeking a creative and skilled individual to join our team as a Video and Photo Content Creator Volunteer. This role will be responsible for capturing and creating visually compelling content to support our mission. Key Responsibilities: Content Creation: Capture high-quality images and videos showcasing the personality and unique qualities of rescue rabbits. Develop visually engaging content for various purposes, including social media, educational and promotional materials, and campaigns. Editing: Edit photos and videos to enhance visual appeal and storytelling. Collaborate with the marketing team to ensure content meets the organization's standards. Collaboration: Work closely with the marketing team and other content creators to coordinate efforts and align with overall messaging. Incorporate feedback and revisions to enhance the quality of content. Timely Delivery: Complete content creation and editing tasks within agreed-upon timelines, especially for time-sensitive campaigns and events. Communicate effectively about project progress and potential challenges. Skills and Qualifications: Proficient in photography and video editing tools. Strong portfolio showcasing content creation skills. Ability to capture the essence and personality of rescue rabbits. Collaborative mindset with excellent communication skills. Passion for animal welfare. Benefits: Contribute to the visual representation of a respected animal rescue organisation. Showcase and enhance your video and photo content creation skills in a non-profit setting. Collaborate with a dedicated and passionate team. Make a positive impact on the lives of rescue rabbits. Location: Remote (Scottish residents preferred). Occasional site visits across Beloved Rabbits premises, events and foster care homes will be required, by arrangement. Time Commitment: Flexible, typically a few hours per week

Beloved Rabbits are entering a new phase of ambitious development, that seeks to improve the charity’s financial strength as we work towards a three-year plan that will culminate in the opening of a new purpose-designed rabbit welfare services centre. Generating a community around our work helps to highlight our funding challenges while demonstrating the benefit we are bringing to rabbit welfare in Scotland and the support we offer rabbit owners. Our vision is to develop a growing community of rabbit owners, passionate for our cause of rabbit welfare and determined to support us to achieve continuous improvement for our beloved rabbits. If this is an area you can get passionate for, you can volunteer to help us deliver fundraising events online and offline, or running community events such as rabbit owner cafes and forums. Help us build a culture of fundraising, and a community all about rabbits.

Our Rehoming Support Advisors, volunteering from their own home, will be our point of contact for rabbit owners who find themselves in a position where they need help to rehome their rabbits. Owners have varied needs and reasons for rehoming, and our Rehoming Support Team will provide a wide range of options to ensure that owners can confidently and safely consider options that best meet their needs, and of course ensure the ongoing rabbit welfare needs are met too. As a team member, you will be responsible for contacting owners through email, telephone and/or social media channels to discuss their rehoming requirements and manage their "case" until we have successfully secured the rabbits' needs. In some cases, this may be advising owners or ways that may be able to make adjustments to allow the rabbits to stay at home - whether that's through bonding advice, housing advice or signposting to appropriate health and behaviours services. In other cases, it will support the owners through our various rehoming options and keep them updated until a successful alternative home has been identified. Full training and support will be given, including regular team catch-ups via online and face-to-face meetings. We are looking for individuals who can spare approx. 5-7 hours per week, which can easily and flexibly be fitted around any other work or family commitments. Volunteers will be required to have access to their own computer/laptop to access online services and software needed to support the activity. Ongoing Support You will report directly to one of the charity's volunteer managers, as well as regularly contact with our charity director. You will also be invited to regular team meetings for important updates and training on an ongoing basis. As with all our volunteers, you will also be invited to our volunteer collaboration system online to engage and chat about your role and rabbit welfare with the whole team.

PVG Scheme membership will be required, and is organised by Beloved Rabbits. Our Rabbit Care Leads, working from our facilities in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow (G66), provide three core functions for the charity during their 2 hour shift each week: Supervision, support, coaching and development of our young volunteers as they undertake rabbit care duties. Providing first level day-to-day care for the rabbits including feeding, cleaning environments, grooming, medication and socialisation. As a senior member of the rabbit care team, you will help support and mentor our young volunteers as you work together to provide the full range of care needs of the rabbits visiting and within our care. Each members of the PVG Scheme, they will offer the essential support needed for our Care Assistants to develop their knowledge and skills in rabbit welfare. They will also have completed a certified Child Safeguarding course. Full training & support will be given for the role.