The Oaks

The Oaks is a purpose built unit to provide palliative care (focusing on quality of life issues) and support for people with cancer and other progessive illness. our aim is to achieve the best quality of life for patient and carer. This is created by the provision of expert supportive care by a team of multi-professionals and volunteers.

Current opportunity

If you are a beauty therapist, or have trained in beauty therapy, you'll know how looking good can make us feel better in ourselves. Please consider sharing your talent and skill with patients at The Oaks, in Elgin -- the Specialist Palliative Care Unit providing care for individuals aged 18 years old in Moray with cancer and non malignant conditions. They aim to offer quality life enhancing care by providing specialist nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition advice, as well as spiritual and financial support. A volunteer Beautician at the Oaks can volunteer once every six weeks -- the role is flexible to suit your schedule. For more information, please contact Angela Stewart on 01343562476.