Moray HandyPerson Services

Charity registered in Scotland SC035888

Moray HandyPerson Services exists to help people stay safe and independent in their own home. Our main service is doing small jobs, such as changing a light bulb, fitting draught excluders, fitting curtain rails, replacing toilet seats, hanging curtains, assembling flat-packs, etc. We also offer: a toenail trimming service; we can help people declutter; and, for a limited period, can help with shopping or pet care if you are unwell or just out of hospital.

The jobs are done by volunteers, all of whom have been security checked and trained by Moray Handypersons Service.

Current opportunity

Moray Handyperson Services are looking for new DIY-ers to join their team, especially in the Elgin area. Volunteers complete small/minor maintenance jobs that some older or vulnerable people cannot do by themselves in their own homes. Each year, this local charity helps hundreds of people people stay safe and independent in their own home. Small jobs can range from changing a light bulb, to fitting curtain rails, from assembling flat-packs, to even doing a bit of decluttering. These jobs usually take less than an hour and you can choose to do a job at a time that is convenient for you. Volunteers are usually matched to a job in their local area, and if you can't help out, that isn't a problem either, as you can say no or yes to a job. Now that's flexible volunteering! Contact them if you think you could part of their volunteer team. How It Works: The MHPS staff receive requests from clients and collect relevant details, usually over the phone. They then find a volunteer who has the skills, is nearby and is available. If the volunteer accepts the job, MHPS send the volunteer all the details they need to do the job. Most jobs require the volunteer to visit the client in the client’s own home. The volunteer first makes a brief assessment to ensure the job is as described and it is safe for them to proceed. Once the job has been carried out, there is usually opportunity to chat with the client to determine if they are well, need support in any other areas. Completion paperwork (easy and quick to do) is returned to the MHPS office.