Elgin Museum

Elgin Museum exists to protect, preserve and to advertise the unique heritage of Moray, for and on behalf of the people of Moray. Elgin museum established in 1836, is our showcase and our head office. Since 1836, it has been supported by benevelont members , public subscription and charitable donations. Our volunteers help us to survive by reducing overheads, and themselves, by learning more about the countryside on their doorstep and making new friends.

Current opportunities

The Volunteer Mentor is a volunteer who helps to oversee and assist the Museum with the recruitment process and onboarding of new volunteers to the Museum. The volunteer mentor liaises between the Museum's convenor and the volunteering team. If you'd like to know more about this role, please email curator@elginmuseum.org.uk

Elgin Museum is currently looking for volunteers to join its Activities and Marketing Committee. If you are interested in helping to create and deliver activities and events in the Museum or would like an active role in marketing and promoting the Museum please email us at curator@elginmuseum.org.uk to find out more.