Elgin Museum

Elgin Museum exists to protect, preserve and to advertise the unique heritage of Moray, for and on behalf of the people of Moray. Elgin museum established in 1836, is our showcase and our head office. Since 1836, it has been supported by benevelont members , public subscription and charitable donations. Our volunteers help us to survive by reducing overheads, and themselves, by learning more about the countryside on their doorstep and making new friends.

Current opportunity

Elgin Museum is situated at the far east end of Elgin High Street. It is Scotland’s oldest continuously independent museum and run entirely by volunteers. Would you be interested in joining us, at least initially for front of house duties? This very rewarding work includes welcoming visitors, explaining any mitigation measures regarding Covid and helping visitor's orientate themselves to the museum, so they can make the most of their visit! A working knowledge of the displays, or a willingness to learn and ability to explain to visitors how and where to access information, are essential. Looking at the displays and their interpretation is the best way to familiarise yourself – and to ask questions of more seasoned volunteers on duty with you. The ability to serve in the shop, including the use of a (very simple) card reader and to communicate with the front desk via walkie talkie are required. Training will be given in all the above skills with an induction to the Museum’s workings. Volunteers will need to be comfortable and able to work independently after being given initial training. If you feel this volunteering role is for you, please email: curator@elginmuseum.org.uk Preferably attach an application form from the Museum’s web site: https://elginmuseum.org.uk/l/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Elgin-Museum-Volunteer-Application-Form-and-Agreement-pdf-188KB.pdf The Museum’s Volunteer Mentor will then get in touch with you.