Stay safe. Remember the most important contribution everyone can make is to stay at home to help protect ourselves and others. Those who are well and not at risk can provide essential support for their family, friends and neighbours

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Family Mediation Grampian provide a safe environment with an impartial third party, where parents who are separating, separated or divorced can come together to discuss future arrangements for their children.

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Child Contact Centre volunteers encourage families to feel at ease and take responsibility for escorting children between resident parents and contact parent or grandparent where the parents do not wish to meet each other. Volunteers support children and parents in maintaining and building positive relationships with each other but they do not offer advice or counselling to families. The contact session may happen in the centre or it may consist of a 'handover', when the child may go out with the contact parent and return to the centre later. The centre opens every Saturday afternoon, but additional hours may be negotiated.