New Arc WIldlife Rescue

Charity registered in Scotland SC037332

Current opportunities

Volunteers required to assist in the running and upkeep of the wildlife centre, including the cleaning out of animals, preparing of food, putting away of stock and cleaning the site

We are a Scottish registered Charity SC 037332, founded in 2006 who specialise in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. We cover the North-East of Scotland and rely on volunteer drivers to help us with collecting contained wildlife patients from veterinary practices, as well as members of the public who have found a whild animal and cannot get over to us. Our volunteer drivers use their own vehicles at their own risk, but would normally only be transporting animals which are already in a box or carrier. We do not ask our volunteer drivers to capture or restrain wild animals. I have attached our volunteer driver information form above so you can see what information we ask from our volunteer drivers. There is no obligation for a volunteer driver to be available at any point. We call through our list based on what our volunteer drivers have told us is their availability and ask that if they are not available they just cut us off or do not answer. We then move onto the next name on the list.