Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust

Charity registered in Scotland SC032131

The Scottish Invasive Species Initiative aims to establish and support a network of local organisations and volunteers to engage with their local river environment and implement community-based, strategic invasive non-native species management over approximately 29,500 sq km of northern Scotland. The Trust is the Aberdeenshire partner organisation delivering awareness and engagement activities about the freshwater environment and the management of INNS (Invasive Non-Native Species).
The Trust undertakes practical management of INNS, biological surveys, education and outreach activities and provides training and support to encourage others to contribute to INNS management.

Current opportunities

The American mink is an invasive species that lives in both freshwater and saltwater habitats. Being a voracious predator mink have had a devastating effect on wildlife, most notably ground nesting birds and water voles. Our aim is to control mink and this is done using mink rafts to establish if mink are present in an area (if they are, they are trapped and humanely dispatched). Volunteers adopt a mink raft, and monitor for the presence of mink. The raft floats on the edge of a river or burn, and mink will investigate and go through the wooden tunnel. Inside the tunnel is a clay pad, on which the mink (or any other creature) will leave its paw prints. You just need to visit the raft every 1-2 weeks and check for tell-tale signs of mink footprints. No experience necessary, the raft is provided by us, and we’ll help you install it and answer all your questions. Watch a ‘how to’ video here: The opportunity is available in the following postcode areas: - AB55 Keith - AB54 Huntly - AB53 Turriff

Do you like spending time beside the river? Would you like to discover more locations along the river? We undertake a range of invasive plant control activities along the Deveron, Bogie and Isla rivers. These activities include digging out giant hogweed, spraying herbicide on giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed, cutting down flowering giant hogweed, pulling/scything Himalayan balsam and stem injecting Japanese knotweed. All PPE, tools and training are provided and volunteers are under constant supervision. You will be working alongside a Deveron, Bogie & Isla Rivers Trust employee and can be picked up and taken to the site. Duration and frequency of volunteering is flexible and refreshments are provided! The opportunity is available in the following postcode areas: - AB55 Keith - AB54 Huntly - AB53 Turriff