Childrens Hospices Across Scotland (Angus)

Charity registered in Scotland SC019724

Current opportunity

Role Description – Angus Collecting Can Representatives CHAS collecting can representatives are responsible for placing and collecting fundraising cans from a range of sites including pubs, shops and cafés. People donate to CHAS every day through our network of collecting cans across Scotland. It’s vital that we collect this money, count and bank it so we can then spend the funds on developing our services for children and families. The aim of this role is to collect cans in Angus that are full, empty the cans, count the money and bank it for CHAS. Every pound raised makes a difference to the children and families we support so it’s essential we collect all the money that is being donated across the country. What activities will I be involved in?  Identifying suitable locations for collecting cans to be placed  Servicing collecting cans (this involves checking that cans are clearly labelled, numbered and sealed).  Emptying cans and counting the money  Banking the money  Keeping a record of all outgoing cans  Being a representative of CHAS in your own community and across Angus What skills and abilities will I need to have?  Excellent organisational skills  Accurate counting skills  Outgoing and friendly  Good communication skills  Shared values with the organisation: respect, care, honesty, accountability How much time should I offer? You can volunteer on any day of the week, in the morning, afternoon or evening. Ideally you would be available to collect and empty cans at least every 6 months. What ongoing learning/support/guidance will I receive? It’s important to us that you feel happy, safe and confident in your role. As a CHAS volunteer you will be invited to complete a short core learning package that is tailored to your role. We are always developing new opportunities for volunteers to learn and offer a range of options for volunteers.