Pushing Out the Boat

Pushing Out the Boat (a registered Scottish Charity - SCIO No SC044919) and run by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers is North-East Scotland’s unique literary and arts journal, publishing high-quality prose, poetry and art selected from a unique blend of the global and the local. In its pages are thrillingly gathered artists and writers from all around the world, as well as just around the corner, creating a linguistic mix that welcomes Doric, Scots, and a world of eclectic Englishes that help to bring us a’thegither. We maintain a strong commitment to first time writers and artists; and to outreach, by supplying copies to worthy causes, local libraries and schools – the latter specially to encourage young contributors. We aspire to offer readers the very best regional literary magazine in Scotland.

Current opportunity

Pushing Out the Boat magazine (North-east Scotland’s Biennial Magazine of New Writing and the Visual Arts) is looking for a new treasurer to join our team of (unpaid) volunteers. We are a registered charity (SCIO No SC044919) with annual income and spending in the low thousands. Our main income derives from magazine sales and events. Apart from administrative expenses, our main cost is printing the magazine. We will provide interested candidates with a summary of our accounts for the last three years. You will: 1. manage our receipts/payments accounting system to include monies received and paid during each financial year via our bank and PayPal accounts and in cash, along with a statement of balances at year end 2. take overall responsibility for operating our bank and PayPal accounts 3. prepare annual accounts, for our Annual General Meeting, obtaining our external auditor’s approval and lodging them with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) 4. advise the management committee on future financial issues, e.g. potential fundraising and upgrading of our technology to accept payments for magazines and events 5. become a charity trustee, a member of our managing committee (to which you will make a regular treasurer’s report), and one of five office-bearers, including our chair, editor, co-ordinator, and secretary. 6. you must be able to demonstrate experience and competence in the technical aspects of the role, and provide us with a referee who can confirm that. While not essential, you may get more out of the opportunity if you have a general interest in the arts. We are a friendly group of volunteers whose meetings and occasional events are held in or near Aberdeen. You can find OSCR’s detailed guidance on operating charity accounts at https://www.oscr.org.uk/media/3532/a-guide-to-charity-accounting.pdf Please also browse our website at https://www.pushingouttheboat.co.uk/ to get a feel for what we do. Contact us at info@pushingouttheboat.co.uk to discuss this opportunity or lodge your interest in it. We recruit new team members through a discussion between any interested and qualified candidate and a small group of trustees to confirm that we’re suited for each other (in current circumstances by Zoom or face-to-face).