Active Schools (Aberdeenshire)

To increase physical activity levels among school-aged children in general with a focus on girls and young women, young people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, young people with physical and learning disabilities, and young people in areas of socio-economic disadvantage.

To improve motivation and attitude of children and young people to help increase achievements in all aspects of school and community life.

To increase levels of sports participation in both formal and informal community settings.

To increase numbers of young people acting as sports leaders, coaches and volunteers in both school and community settings.

Current opportunity

The Active Schools programme aims to develop more and higher quality opportunities for children and young people to participate in sport and physical activity. A Sports Instructor/Coach volunteer will be required to instruct and coach a group of children in the rules and skills of a designated sport or sports. There will be occasions when the instructor/coach will be responsible, on their own, for the team/group of children.