Home-Start Garioch

Charity registered in Scotland SC022057

Home-start Garioch is a voluntary organisation in which volunteers offer regular support, friendship and practical help to families with at least one child under five who are experiencing difficulties or stress in their own homes.
To see a society in which every parent has the support they need to ensure that their children face the future as secure, participating and confident individuals.

Current opportunity

Volunteers provide one to one support to a family in their home with at least one child under five. They visit the family once a week for around 2 hours, The support could be playing with the children, an extra pair of hands when going out, help with cooking, budgeting, the list is long. 97% of our families are referred as mum is struggling with her mental health, many of them with post natal depression. Isolation as no friends or family around. Baby with colic and mum is exhausted with no sleep, child or parent may have an illness or disability, the list is long. As a volunteer, you are going in as a friend. It’s not your job to fix it, but by being there in a supportive non judgemental way, you make it better.