Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface

Charity registered in Scotland SC042543

Current opportunities

Health and Social Care is a focus on local and national agendas - it is about bringing care in to the community, enabling people to live longer, healthy lives in their homes. CTSI and our counterparts in Stirling (SVE) are looking to recruit Community Health Champion Volunteers to support health and well-being within their communities. The aim of this role is to connect people with their community, promoting good health, and self-help. As a Community Health Volunteer, you will assist with the development of local information resources, and have the opportunity to complete Level 2 in Understanding Health Improvement (an accredited course delivered by FV College). Other relevant training, such as Scotland's Mental Health First Aid will be provided. To carry out the role, you will be involved in activities such as: • Speaking with people about health and wellbeing topics (this could be within the workplace, within your own network, at an arranged drop in session, or using a virtual platform) • Signposting someone to a health and wellbeing service or support group • Promoting health campaigns within communities (this could be by having a stall in a supermarket, local business, or workplace) • Encouraging people to become more active (for example, suggesting a group of friends meet for a walk each week instead of a coffee) • Working in partnership with already established local support/advice groups in Clackmannanshire/Stirling (e.g dementia, stroke, heart problems) To carry out this role, we are looking for people who are passionate about health and well-being. You will need to have excellent communication skills, and be able to work effectively with lots of different people. A non-judgemental attitude is vital. Due to the level of training provided, we are looking for a minimum of 6 months commitment from volunteers. However, the time commitment is fully flexible. This is an exciting opportunity for volunteers to assist in shaping what the role looks like, and feed in to what they feel their communities would benefit from most in a Community Health Champion if they would like to.

Since Universal Credit came online in Clackmannanshire, CTSI have employed an IT and Employability Trainer within their team, who has a focus on supporting claimants with the online system. This is done on a drop-in basis across the County. As demand for generalised IT support is growing as we emerge from the pandemic, CTSI recruits IT and digital support volunteers to assist in supporting people on a 1:1 basis. The volunteer will also be recording the client's name and what they assisted them with. Tasks may include: - Assisting with online job searches - Meet people 1:1 or through small groups while maintaining Covid restrictions - Help people build their confidence by walking through general IT tasks including: how to use Microsoft Word to write a CV or cover letter; setting up and/or using an email account etc. - Assist with CV/cover letters/job application forms - Supporting people to make their online claim for Universal Credit, and updating their online journal. **This role needs volunteers to have strong communication skills, not necessarily experts in IT hardware and programs.** This role will be based in various locations across the County, and so you would be able to choose the location(s) that suit you. CTSI are looking for a commitment of at least one session per week, which usually last between 1-3 hours (depending on the location). Applicants must provide two references.