SHMU -Station House Media Unit

Charity registered in Scotland SC034211

Station House Media Unit (shmu), supported by Aberdeen City Council as one of the core cultural organisations in the city, is at the forefront of Community Media development in Scotland, supporting residents in the seven regeneration areas of Aberdeen in radio and video production, traditional and on-line publications, music production and digital inclusion. The organisation also supports other disadvantaged communities, both geographic and communities of interest, with an employability and training arm, and a recently developed a programme for offenders, both pre and post release.

Successful initiatives have made the organisation a nationally recognised centre of excellence and created models of good practice in: youth work; regeneration; digital inclusion; adult and family literacy and numeracy; community capacity building; personal and community development; employability skills; criminal justice, and the curriculum for excellence.

Current opportunity

Join the multi-media team! We are starting a new group that will report on local news and events. You will learn how to use skills from many of shmu's media stands, focusing on video, audio, print and photography to tell our communities stories. The course will run every Thursday and is open to participants from Cummings Park, Northfield, Middlefield, Tillydrone, Mastrick, Torry, Seaton and Woodside. No experience required! After completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to continue with our multi-media team covering stories of local interest. For further information please contact Sarah Igesund, Adult Wellbeing Development Worker at email or telephone 07592355131.