Aberdeens major University. The RGU Faculty of Health and Social Care provide a full range of courses across the health care spectrum.

Current opportunities

Volunteers assist with the education and training of health care students . Helping students develop confidence in aspects such as: -volunteers playing the part of a service user or family member to help students in their communication and interview skills. -non-invasive clinical procedures such as students taking volunteers blood pressure and temperature. This helps in the training of Nursing & Midwifery, Physiotherapy, OT, Radiography, Dietetic, Pharmacy and Social Work students. For further details please contact tel: 01224 262905 /Email: f.logie@rgu.ac.uk

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP TRAIN THE HEALTH PROFESSIONALS OF THE FUTURE? If the answer is yes then the Volunteer Programme in the Faculty of Health and Social Care needs your help!! We are looking to recruit volunteers of all ages and from all backgrounds to play the role of a service user or assist with the practising of non-invasive procedures such as taking blood pressure. Do you have, or do you live with someone who has, an existing health condition and would be willing to talk to the students about livng with it? If the answer is yes then you could become an “expert” patient. All volunteers will receive a £20.00 gift voucher along with travel expenses and refreshments. As a volunteer you will receive an induction training session where you have the opportunity to meet other volunteers, receive a tour round the Clinical Skills Centre and find out a bit more about the programme. We are also offering a training programme for volunteers which will take place throughout the year. A great opportunity to help and make a positive difference. Any help you give will be greatly appreciated. For more information please contact Fiona Logie on 01224 262905 or f.logie@rgu.ac.uk