Aberdeen Foyer

Charity registered in Scotland SC023655

All young people need a home, support and a springboard into independent living, learning and work.
Some don't have it. Aberdeen Foyer helps fill the gap.

The Foyer is a charitable organisation supporting people in the North East of Scotland towards independent living, learning and work.

Current opportunities

Nightstop North-East Scotland offers temporary, emergency accommodation for young people facing homelessness. A young person accessing this service could be facing homelessness for any number of reasons, with 75% of referrals being due to a breakdown of relationships at home. This accommodation is offered in the homes of trained and vetted volunteers, who are supported by professional staff. Hosts can be anyone, with the only requirements being that they must be able to provide a spare room, a hot evening meal and a listening ear. This offers an accommodation option which may be more suitable for young people than traditional homeless hostels. Nightstop are currently looking for volunteer hosts. Hosts are offered a £15 stipend per night when Hosting and 24/7 on-call support is available throughout the stay. If you can help/for further details please contact Megan Douglas, Nightstop Co-ordinator, Aberdeen Foyer at email: Megan.Douglas@aberdeenfoyer.com or telephone 07467 919813.

*Do you have room? Do you have a spare room in your home that you’d be willing to open for a young person who has nowhere to stay? Our Nightstop service relies on ordinary people – just like you - with a spare bedroom which they are willing to offer to a guest. We’re looking for Nightstop hosts to volunteer to provide a young person with a safe place to stay, a hot meal, the opportunity to wash and breakfast the next day. Ideally you’ll also provide a listening ear to make a young person feel safe and secure. *Here’s how it works - -Application – Hosts need to be able to offer a young person their own private bedroom, a hot meal, breakfast and a packed lunch if needed. Access to a hot shower or bath and the use of laundry facilities within the host’s home should also be accessible. Hosts who require their young person to be out of the house through the day will be supported by the Nightstop Co-ordinator. Hosts can receive a stipend to cover costs. -Safety Checks - As part of the process, Hosts are required to complete a PVG check; a home visit will also take place. This type of support isn’t right for everyone, Nightstop must be a safe and appropriate option for both young person and the volunteer hosts. -Training - Training covers an introduction to youth homelessness, boundaries, practical tips and safeguarding rules. And we’re always on hand for a supportive phone call. -Matching - Nightstop hosts will be matched with young people, based on things like location, home environment and of course the availability of host. When a match has been made the Nightstop Co-ordinator will support the introduction of young person to the host. -Support throughout stay - Hosts and young people are offered assistance throughout the stay from Aberdeen Foyer’s Nightstop Co-ordinator with the aim that over the course of the stay, Aberdeen Foyer can support the young person to find a more long-term solution to what has taken them to the brink of homelessness. This might involve mediation with family to move back to the family home or help to explore all housing options. Aberdeen Foyer in conjunction with Nightstop offers a holistic approach. We discuss the options for continuing education, training and/or employment options; as well supporting the health and wellbeing of the young person. -Follow-up after stay - When the young person’s stay has ended, the hope is that we will have helped them on to a positive destination. Aftercare in the form of a debrief will be offered to both the host and young person and at this point, Hosts might identify training needs and support required. Hosts can take time off in between hosting one young person to the next. *How to become involved - If you have a spare room that could provide a safe place for a young person we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with out Nightstop Co-ordinator by e-mailing nightstop@aberdeenfoyer.com or calling 07467 919813.