Lightburn Elderly Association Project - Hands on Project

The Hands on Project provides Befriending and in-house practical assistance for the elderly, disabled and those who are housebound. Volunteers from the local community are recruited and trained to carry out the tasks requested and are supported by a Volunteer Development Officer.

Current opportunity

To befriend someone within your community who may be feeling lonely and isolated during these challenging times. This may be via a telephone / letter writing or other means of communication such as Skype/Whatsapp, video call, etc. The service is part of the Hands on Project and is being delivered due to home visits being postponed due to current circumstances Distance Telephone calls Volunteers will be matched with clients to provide a regular, weekly 15-30 minutes of friendly chat to a person over the age of 50 who is feeling lonely due to the current situation. This may expand when both parties get to know each other a bit better. People Hard of Hearing If a person is hard of hearing and struggling to hear conversations on the phone, we can offer a befriending writing service if both volunteer and client are happy with this situation. Social Media befriending If a client and volunteer have experience and are comfortable using video social media such as WhatsApp, we will endeavour to carry out a match in this way. Volunteer will be asked to complete a recruitment process of application form, providing 2 references, completing a satisfactory Disclosure Scotland PVG application, a 40 minutes online training course and answering set questions and communicating with LEAP staff on a regular basis. Code: CRV