We all need to stay at home to protect ourselves and others. However, those who are well and not at risk can provide essential support for their family, friends and neighbours who cannot leave the house.

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NHS Shetland

NHS Shetland provides healthcare for the population of Shetland

Current opportunities

As a casualty simulation volunteer you will have the opportunity to help our staff and other emergency services to learn how to respond to emergency situations. You will act out certain casualty/emergency situations at our Emergency Planning Exercises to enable staff to practice how they will respond, which can help improve emergency processes and boost staff confidence and competence in responding to an emergency situation.

To provide support to hearing impaired people who are referred from the Audiology department for specific reasons. Duties include: Make a simple check to ascertain that the hearing aid is functioning / Check that batteries and cords are functioning, replacing where necessary, instructing patients at the same time / Check that patients are familiar with the controls of their hearing aid / Check that patients know how to fit their ear mould giving further instruction where necessary / If there are further difficulties with the hearing aid the volunteer will refer back to the Audiology Department / Clean and retube ear mould where necessary / Ensure that patients are aware of the best listening conditions when wearing a hearing aid / Reinforce instructions given at the time of hearing aid fitting and encourage patients in the use of their hearing aid. The practical limitations as well as the benefits of hearing aid should be pointed out / Refer any other needs of the patient to the Head of Audiology / Inform the patients of the availability of environmental aids and other support services available / With patient consent, involve the family or carer in the understanding, use and care of the hearing aid / Keep records of visits made as directed by the Head of Audiology / Attend training and support sessions as directed by the Head of Audiology / Annual hearing tests will be provided for al volunteers.

Breastfeeding peer supporters will be trained and supported by midwives. There will be an initial 2 day training, which is based on UNICEF baby friendly breastfeeding management. Followed by supervision with a midwife, then support with midwife discussion. Breastfeeding peer supporters will be available to offer support and information to breastfeeding mothers in a variety of settings eg hospital, mothers' home and community groups.

A Volunteer Services Team Administrator is required to assist with the following roles: To respond to email, telephone and postal enquiries. To administer recruitment packs - compile, personalise and send out to prospective volunteers. To compile statistics on all enquiries. To set up and maintain skills database. Assist with mail shots to volunteers. Administer reference requests. Joiner / leaver statistics. Equality / Diversity statistics. Assist with events.