Active Schools Shetland

We aim to get more children, more active, more often. To achieve this we work closely with coaches, volunteers, school staff, parents etc to run a wide variety of fun opportunities. These can be during our outside curriculum time. Any activity is considered and all active ideas are welcome!

Current opportunity

As part of our role in making more children, more active, more often, we are seeking volunteers to help set up and run a variety of activities. Our activities mostly take place outside curriculum time but can sometimes take place during the school day. Groups usually consist of around 10-20 children. We will consider any activity that will help the children to be active and that they will enjoy- this could take the form of sport, walking, fun games, fitness activities or even gardening! For example, a volunteer may wish to run 6 weeks of after-school badminton or football at their local primary school for an hour a week. Or maybe they prefer to help out with playground games at lunchtime. We can also supply a volunteer to assist them.