Pet Fostering Service Scotland

Charity registered in Scotland SC015672

Pet Fostering Service Scotland (PFSS) provides short term emergency care for pet owners who are temporarily unable to care for their animals through illness or accident. PFSS does not operate a boarding centre or kennels but relies solely on volunteers who welcome the pet into their own home.

Current opportunities

You would be responsible for meeting the daily needs of pets in your care, including feeding, cleaning, grooming, exercising and socialising until the pet is returned to its owner. You will never be asked to take a pet which is not suitable for you or your household. Pet costs, such as food and veterinary fees are met by the owner. We are looking for animal lovers who have experience of pet care/ownership and have a real desire to make a difference to animal welfare in your local area.

Support the work of PFSS through fundraising ensuring a sustainable future for the charity. We encourage you to be creative in your means of fundraising and are always available for support and advice. You can commit as much or as little time as you would like, we would even appreciate help in poster distribution. You could fundraise in one if the following ways: Collecting can distribution, holding a public collection, providing talks on the service to local community groups, holding your own events, getting involved with PFSS organised events.

Our Virtual Home Assessors play a vital role in delivery of our service by interviewing potential volunteer pet foster carers to assess their house, home situation and the fosterer. All of our home assessments are currently carried out either by telephone interview only (for cats,birds and small animals) or by video call (Zoom/WhatsApp) for dogs. You can choose to be involved in one or both of the methods available. You will be contacted by the Home Assessment Coordinator when a new applicant becomes available. Main tasks include; contacting the potential fosterer by telephone/email/text to arrange a suitable date and time for the home assessment to take place. Once confirmed to carry out the assessment by either telephone or video. A home assessment form will be provided to you for completion during the call which covers the criterias required by PFSS for the potential fosterer to be accepted. Once completed this form is then to be uploaded onto our database via our website volunteer team page.