Pet Fostering Service Scotland

Charity registered in Scotland SC015672

Pet Fostering Service Scotland (PFSS) provides short term emergency care for pet owners who are temporarily unable to care for their animals through illness or accident. PFSS does not operate a boarding centre or kennels but relies solely on volunteers who welcome the pet into their own home.

Current opportunities

Volunteers make a real difference to local pet owners and promote positive animal welfare. Decide whether a pet is suitable for PFSS care and place the animal in a suitable registered foster home. Build relationships with local volunteer foster carers and professionals, for example social workers. Monitor the progress of pets in foster care. Coordinate the return of pets to their owners. Supervise and help to recruit foster carers in their area. Keep in regular contact with registered foster carers. Clarify arrangements for collection and transport of the pet and financing food, vet costs, etc, whilst in care. Keep accurate and up to date records of each fostering. Publicise PFSS and establish links with the relevant agencies, for example, health, social work, police, vetinary, etc. Ensure the goodwill of other animal related organisations and commercial organisations, for example, kennels and catteries. Our experience is that successful applicants have a suitable background which provides the necessary experience. They also need a good degree of pet empathy. Suitable backgrounds include, but are not limited to medical receptionist, NHS staff, veterinary staff, social work staff, kennel receptionist etc

We ask home visitors hace access to a vehicle to travel to home visits and be IT literate. Full training materials and ongoing support is offered. What PFSS looks for when assessing a foster carer's home varies depending on the species they wish to foster. We ask that all foster carers be willing and able to safely keep foster cats indoors and foster dogs on a leash outdoors.Guidance on how to introduce a pet to their foster home is offered. You will be contacted by PFSS when there is a need for a home visit in your area, you will contact the potential volunteer and arrange a time for the home visit to take place. We have some standard home visit paperwork that is completed for each foster home.

You would be responsible for meeting the daily needs of pets in your care, including feeding, cleaning, grooming, exercise and socialising until the pet is returned to it's owner. You will never be asked to take a pet which is not suitable for you or your household. Pet costs, such as food and veterinary fees are met by the owner. We are looking for animal lovers who have experience of pet care/ownership and have a real desire to make a difference to animal welfare in your local area. Please note we cannot recruit foster carers with children under 5 years old. We do not recruit full time workers to foster dogs. We ask foster carers to have experience of the species you wish to foster.

Our Home Visitors play a vital role in delivery of our service by visiting potential volunteer pet foster carers to assess their house, home situation and the fosterer. You will be contacted by PFSS when there is a need for a home visit in your area. Main tasks include contact the potential fosterer and arrange a time for the home visit to take place; carry out the home visit following the guidelines provided by PFSS; and complete the home visit report and return a copy to the Home Visit Coordinator.