The aim of Shopmobility is to facilitate increased access and to assist people with mobility problems to retain their independence in particular by enabling them to carry out their shopping and personal business.
The scheme offers services to all people who are physically disadvantaged assistance to access the main shopping areas in Perth City by offering practical assistance or lending of equipment.

Current opportunity

Perth Shopmobility are looking for applications from people to join a caring team of staff and volunteers to enable people with mobility problems to become more self-reliant in their daily life. A well-organised booking service and record-keeping must be maintained in order to minimise waiting time for people requiring assistance. Appropriate records and statistics are also kept for monitoring/evaluation. The volunteer will be required to introduce customers to equipment and after appropriate training, train customers to use the equipment if required. Maintenance of the equipment is essential to provide Shopmobility customers safe, clean and reliable equipment which can be used in the knowledge that we provide a service on which they can rely. Maintenance involves: battery charging, tyre pressures, checking lights etc. N.B. Due to the location, all volunteers and staff must be very alert and aware of the dangers involved with moving vehicles at all times.