Corbenic Camphill Community

Charity registered in Scotland SC015477

Corbenic Camphill Community is an integrated community for adults with learning difficulties. The aim is that, through community living, mutual respect and concern for the dignity of each person are actively fostered by ensuring a stable and secure environment with individual privacy and promoting appropriate independence. Residents live in houses of around 10 people, including employed house parents and volunteer co-workers. They work in a variety of workshops including woodwork, craft, candle-making, garden estate, cooking, bakery and horse-riding.

Current opportunities

Corbenic is home to 26 adults with learning difficulties. Despite having a fulfilling life in a busy community, we have a few residents for whom that special something is missing, or rather, that special someone. For people who have no parents, close family or whose family live far away, there is a need for someone to take a particular interest in them and their lives. This is where you, as a volunteer, come in. Could you spare a couple of hours a fortnight to share a hobby, interest or just a coffee and a chat? Other volunteers have said they get a buzz from the work, especially when the residents realise that they do it for pleasure and are not paid to be there. Make a difference to someone's life, become a "friend"!

We have workshops every day in craft, bakery, estate, garden, woodwork and a small farm. There is also a seasonal candle workshop and horse riding. Friends of Workshops can join in all the activities of the workshop and they will be given support to learn the required skills. This opportunity is part of the Corbenic Befriending Project and we hope that Friends of Workshops may decide to befriend an adult with a learning disability if they make a suitable connection.